Pablo Ruiz de Olano. PhD (2016)
Dissertation title: Epistemic Values in Contemporary Physics: Symmetries, Conservation Laws, and the Strong Nuclear Interaction.

Monica Solomon. PhD. ABD.
Dissertation title: On the Interactions between Mathematics and Metaphysics in Isaac Newton’s Writings: the Case of Mathematical Forces.

John Hanson. PhD. Coursework in progress. Co-advisor Sam Newlands.

Ryan Dominguez. Senior thesis. 2013/14.

Shannon Hughes. Senior thesis. 2012/13. Winner of the Philosophy Department’s Dockweiler medal for best senior thesis in philosophy

Julie Brauer. Senior thesis. 2012/13.

Kristina Sault. Senior thesis. 2009/10. Joint winner of the Philosophy Department’s Dockweilter medal for best senior thesis in philosophy

Beata Aldridge. Senior thesis. 2008/09.


Spring 2017